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100 Songs for 100 Years

AMIR is a database and a reference to Arabic music, singers and songs. This database is contributed and maintained by volunteer Arabic music lovers. Subscribed users will be able to send music data on line. You like arabic music, you may help us in different ways. Write to us.
What's new ?
You can listen to some songs in Real Audio or MIDI, and Lyrics too...

Already 550 artists in our database and 2000 songs. Lot of artist photos and web site references.

More definition lists:  now you can list artists with a Web or artists with a photo, and more...

You'll be able to vote for singers and artists. You may also vote for albums. And list artists and albums by ranking. Support for arabic browsers is coming soon.
VideoClip of the Decade

Don't miss to watch it on Amir

Some marvels happen once in a lifetime. This is one of them. Perfect yet simple music, lyrics, acting, directing by Saeed Marouk and singing by Fadel Shaker and Shereen (courtesy of Rotana)

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What's special about arabic music ?
Arabic music is the kind of music heard in the arabic countries from the Gulf to the Maghreb. These countries include Egypt, Lebanon, Alger etc... The arabic music uses accoustic and electric instruments, but every instrument used should be able to play arabic scales. These scales are not chromatic scales like the major and minor scales used in occidental music. Arabic scales use quarter tones in addition to the semitones used in the chromatic scale. Some common arabic scales are named : Bayate, Hijaz, Sica, Saba etc... A song may use more than one scale.

Modern arabic songs tend now to avoid using arabic  scales trying to approach new generations and occidental countries.


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